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Bikini contest

I was at this beach bar in Mt Pleasant SC. There was a bikini contest that day. As I attended, the contest started. I was 23yrs old and the thought never crossed my mind about a tranny. However this was supposed to be all girls. Nobody, including me suspected this girl that won the contest was a tranny. I was cheering so loudly that she took notice and joined next to me at the bar, so I bought her a drink, and a very nice conversation insured. She was stunning and she was a gorgeous black girl , so I thought. As I had complimented her, it was then that she asked if me being a white man was i... read more

jim3801 August 9, 2017 90%

Anally destroyed by a Peruvian goddess

Browsing around the Transsexual escort ads here in town I found a new girl, something else than the typical manly faces with heavily photoshopped pictures. A Peruvian girl named Isabella had just arrived in town and was open for business. She has a few retouched pictures but also some natural selfies in which you can see she is an absolute stunner. So, after the usual moment of doubt I decided to go for it and give her a call. She has an incredibly sweet and feminine voice, so much in fact I doubted if this was really the T-girl I had seen in the pictures. It was worth a shot, I agreed I wo... read more

Gracemel121 August 7, 2017 75%

I love Pocahontas First encounter

I love Pocahontas First encounter You seen the video of her wearing white with her huge ass bouncing around on daytona beach,guys are stopping her and at the end of the video a couple guys have her and her friend in their room dancing,i was in Daytona celebrating my birthday that same weekend,we'll get back this. Her ass and tattos have became legend,she goes by Pocahontas,big booty keke,krystal.this ass is unreal i mean stop traffic big she has another video on YouTube walking in a tight black and white skirt i mean her ass is unbelievable,so back to the weekend,our first night t... read more

NastyopenmindedDick August 3, 2017 77%

About me

Since about 5 years ago that I realized that I enjoy wearing female clothes (only in private), trying plausure to undress for those few friends aware of the hidden desire of being female. At such times I feel really a whore ready to fulfill all deepest desires of my partner. Currently I'm alone so there are not many opportunities to have sex, so I need to tell my story. It's hard for me because I live in apartment with other people who do not know this side of me.(I think) I love getting naked slowly while he is seated to masturbate knowing that I'm ready to give myself... read more

Butt Slut August 2, 2017 60%

A night alone without hands

A night alone. The urges came fast. A quick visit to the world-wide web and inspiration flowed abundantly. My hand was fast at unbuckling my own pants and shortly after a rock-hard cock laid pumping in my hand. I slowly rubbed it up and down – moaning with each stroke. But something was missing – I could feel it clench in my anus the more I got excited. I ripped off the remaining of my clothes and got into the bathroom where I opened my favorite cabinet. A large 7-inch dildo stood there and welcomed me with eager. I grabbed the lube and the dildo. I filled my left hand with the lube and star... read more

ready4itallagain July 31, 2017 64%

Indian Tranny Manusha got fucked in moving train

Though I am very active in having sex with men as a closet tranny, I never tried anything in public and wanted to try at least once. So, I decided to grab the opportunity on my train trip to Delhi. Though I was not fully dressed up like a tranny, with my attire, tattoos, and glossy lipstick, anyone on the platform or train could easily make out that I am a gay or a transgender and that thought gave me an instant kick. It happened on my train journey to Delhi a month back. I was wearing a lady v-neck slim fit t-shirt a thigh-sized shorts and slippers with my sexy lady specs on. I also had ta... read more

Manusha Tranny July 27, 2017 76%

Black Cherry

The first time I ever cross dressed was when I was seventeen years-old, so not to long ago. I was in my freshman year college and my roommate I was invited to a party thrown by a fraternity on campus. However my roommate was kind a of skeptical about a fraternity inviting a bunch of freshmen to their party. Me being an over zealous teen persuaded that they might want us to join their fraternity. He agreed and swallowed his fear and off we went and feeling like proud men getting ready to join a fraternity. When we drove up to the frat house, we were amazed on how big and beautiful it looke... read more

Black Cherry July 27, 2017 35%

Fucking Outside with a Crossdresser

I was on CL the other night checking out ads. I came across one by a CD. He wanted to fuck Bareback outside by the front door of his apartment. It sounded hot, He told me it was dark and no one could see us. I imagined a porch with no neighbors near by. I get there and is a regular house in the suburbs. The only shadow there is created by the garage of the house. I was a little scared. As soon as I got there he told me to get on my knees and start sucking him. The house faces an empty lot so there couldn't be any one seeing us from a window but anyone driving by could see us. I start ... read more

horny.hiker July 25, 2017 64%


I've been having Urges to Get Fucked. The thought of a Dick in my mouth gets me so Hard... I masturbate to Sissy videos at least 2wice a week; I'll laydown on the bathroom floor to spread my legs to finger misf while I stroke my Cock w/ my right hand. Sometimes I wish there was a Strong man to watch me and help me get off ... During the week, I go to the weightroom gym to workout and then I see this one particular Guy; Strong & focused. I pictured myself in the shower room hoping he'll catch me Naked and try to Force himself to me. I wouldnt mind his friends joing in t... read more

Ray Vegas July 25, 2017 47%

Tf is wrong with me

Ok so not only was this a mistake. Kind of. I'm but ik I regret it but at the same I didn't. Im not gay or anything but god when it was in........So I was on meet me. And got semi catfished by this dude. On the profile he was a beautiful Hispanic female who could have been my baby mother ????????????my dick getting hard just thinking bout it. So anyway we start talking and he says can I eat your ass. Now No I was not sure if he was serious so i was like wtf ???????? then he proceeded to say he was a Tranny. Btw that was a lie. So I played along he semt a dick pick i sent my ass and h... read more

Kdotdickboi July 20, 2017 52%


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