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Home Alone With Shemale

I sat alone at my kitchen table. I drank a cup of coffee, smoked a cigarette. I was wondering what to do with my day and then my cellphone rang. It was my girl friend Carla. She asked if it would be okay to stop by, with her new boyfriend. I sensed something in her voice, but I didn’t know what it was. I later would find out and so will you. I told Carla to come on over, bring her boyfriend along too. I didn’t care. I didn’t have anything planned and I was bored as fuck. I hate sitting around the house on a weekend. It makes life feel so worthless. I could be out at the di... read more

shemale lover June 22, 2017 100%

Frankfurter, Weiner, and Sausage

I find having a cock an amazing thing. I’m sitting here in my negligee and panties. The negligee is black semi shear and the panties are a pink whisper shear bikini with tiny lace green flowers and beneath that silken material my darling is stirring. I can feel the pulsation as she grows, seeking to reach my panty band and plow her way under and through so she can look up at me. Tis true, I do admire her and she seeks me out at every opportunity to be hugged and loved. We tease one another really. I went to the potty a little moment ago and as I went down my hallway I admired my body, ... read more

TGirl_Ryana June 12, 2017 75%


She woke me. She had a habit of it and I never complained because, really, I liked it when she did. But it wasn’t just her today. There was an emptiness that needed attention too and that was concerning. I needed attention. A cock was needed and soon. It was the fabric of my gown I suppose that triggered it all. You know, getting a soft tangle around your bangle? But then again knowing me, I may have brushed my arm along one of my breasts or a nipple because I’m particularly sensitive and that really does make my southerly parts go northerly. Anyway, Darling, I’m awake and my sweet thing i... read more

TGirl_Ryana June 6, 2017 100%

Your Encounter

I could feel you down there, so hungry for my treasures. I felt the head of your cock seeking. It slid against my panties, prodding, poking and wanting. Yes, wanting to discover me. I understood. Oh, yes! I so much understood. You were no longer in control, the cock down there between those muscled up legs was in charge now, you could only obey. I dropped down to your belly, and as I made my way to the target I smelled your manliness. I captured the monster in my hand and held it in my fist. How you groaned and suddenly your pelvis gave a thrust and pushed the cock, I let it slip through m... read more

TGirl_Ryana June 3, 2017 92%

The Century Gurl

The Millennium was upon us. Y2K was about to hit, and I was given a job to fix the computers at a Marketing firm in a small city on the West Coast. I hadn’t been in a relationship for a few years, my Ex had run off with some missionary that didn’t like anal sex. Everyone there was afraid of the I.T. Guy. They thought I could hack into their lives by staring at them and didn’t want me to know what they were up to. So one afternoon, I was sitting out at the Lunch/Smoke break area, I was joined by one of the Managers. Hadn’t met her before, but I wish I had. She was Tall, about 5’11” almo... read more

PegLegPete May 31, 2017 95%

A date to the sex shop

So last night I decided to meet up with a young shemale in Portland, now this is my first time ever with a trans and I was so nervous and excited all at the same time my face kept doing this weird little twitch. So we hang out for a little before we decide to go to one of those classic dirty sex shops with the booths. And the best part was they had ts porn to watch at the same time, so while I'm getting fucked from behind watching my favorite model "Aubrey Kate" I exploded all over the floor from An anal orgasm. Best night ever.... read more

Quin Sharp May 31, 2017 36%

The Beginning Of Penny

This story is about how I became Penny, the cock loving, tranny. I remember being a kid and jerking off to dirty mags we stole from my friend’s dad. The pics that always made me hottest were the ones in the ads in the back few pages for phone sex with trannies. Looking at those hot and perfect women with hard cocks got me every time. When I was a few years older I had a rather adventurous girlfriend. One time as she was sucking my cock, she slipped her finger up my ass and I absolutely loved it. From then on, every time I jerked off, there was a finger in my ass. As the years went on I acquire... read more

pennypenny May 29, 2017 92%

My first time

I was 16 at the time i lost my anal virginity, i had allways loved watching shemale porn an how they sucked big cocks an took them up there ass. I met this guy called alex, now he was a few years older than me but we became really close friends. We would hang out togather stay round eachothers houses , the things normal friends would do. One day i went over to his house as he had asked ne to stay over as he was home alone for the weekend. That night we somehow got into a conversation about porn an what we liked an what we didnt. He brought up that he likef watching gay an bi porn an i did to. ... read more

Ilkeshemalesxx May 29, 2017 75%

Motel Blackout

I always enjoy my sales trips. The trips fit into my crossdressing lifestyle and the thrill of being in a different town and different people. After a long day on the road, I had just checked into a motel just about 30-miles outside of Nashville, TN. For my overnight trips, I always bring my special suitcase that has my “girly stuff” (panties, dresses, makeup, lingerie, etc.). Sometimes I would just dress up pretty and cam or play with myself. On a very few occasions I would run into a very horny stranger, tease him, but not put out and be satisfied knowing that poor guy was back in is roo... read more

browncherrygurl May 25, 2017 71%

Dirty little restroom tgirl slut. Part 2

As I left the stall I was grabbed by the arm by my friend, he winked at me knowing that I wanted to tease them all, I pulled the hem of my skirt showing off my cute panties. The two bigger guys who were in the restroom came over to me, they both towered over me they unzipped their pants releasing two huge members, I gasped as I saw the size of their dicks, I moved towards them, their big hands pulling at my clothes, my two friends Andy & Tony started to undress me. I stood in the restroom in my underwear surrounded by big men all of their cocks were growing into12'' monsters, I s... read more

Sophie Boi May 25, 2017 91%


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